We offer Heavy Duty and Light Duty Service

The Belize Estate Company Limited (BEC)


For most people their vehicle is the second largest investment that they will make in life.  Over the years vehicle technology has evolved rapidly, today new vehicles carry more computerized systems than the Apollo space craft that landed on the moon.  Simply put caring for your vehicle has now become a highly technical task requiring specialized services and tools, and professional technicians.  The Belize Estate Company Limited (BEC) has been a driving force in the Belizean automotive industry since 1969.  BEC’s strength in after sales support is unmatched, as we have invested heavily in tools, equipment and staff training.  These investments coupled with our unparalleled customer service allows BEC to offer our customers a top quality vehicle care services.  These include but are not limited to:

Pro Cut Brakesaver Service

Much like every tire and wheel assembly needs to be balanced, a rotor must be matched to the hub for it to wear evenly and perform as designed.

Rhino Liner Vehicle and Marine Coating

Rhino Extreme™ coating is the most recent addition to the Rhino Linings® retail truck bed liner product line.

Major Repairs

Even with timely maintenance of your automobile, major failures in important systems like your engine, transmission and suspension may arise from time to time.

Vehicle Maintenance

Get in the habit of conducting regular vehicle maintenance and you’ll avoid potentially costly breakdowns, as well as extend the life of your car.

BEC Parts

All parts are not created equal. It is well known fact that original parts made to automobile manufacturers’ specifications

Multi point inspection

Multipoint inspection is a general term for an evaluation of your vehicle.

Vehicle Diagnostic Scanning

Using specialized software and diagnostic tools approved by the vehicle manufacturers, BEC’s highly trained technicians quickly

Heavy Duty & Fleet Services

Heavy duty equipment are the backbone of the Belizean economy, they move food, beverages, goods and people, and ensure that key services such as electricity and water are available.